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Friends, do you know what is Microwave Oven? Read the post and we will talk about Microwave ovens, so let’s start?

Friends, if we want to heat our food very fast, then we use Microwave Oven, Microwave Oven converts low-frequency electromagnetic energy into high-frequency electromagnetic energy which waves can be easily absorbed by food?


 What is Microwave Oven? What is Microwave Oven in Hindi |

 Microwave Oven is a device that heats the food very fast in a few seconds, without any nutritional loss i.e. is the nutrition present in the food?

Microwave ovens are mostly used for reheating already prepared food. Apart from this, is it used for rapid reheating, for slowly preparing any food, or for baking, is it also the use of a microwave oven?

Food that contains water or fat quickly absorbs the microwave energy which is then converted into heat, Microwave Oven heats the food up to 6 times faster than the traditional oven, and Don’t you even burn the food?

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What are Microwaves? What are Microwaves |

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic waves, now all the waves in our environment are electromagnetic waves, the only difference is in their frequency and power?


The frequency of MIcrowaves is about 2.45 GHz, and the frequency of Wi-Fi is also almost the same, only the difference is a little bit in power?

How does a microwave oven work? How Microwave Oven Works in Hindi |

So far we have known what is a microwave oven, why is it used, and now we know how a microwave oven works?

There are some main-main components inside the microwave oven such as magnetron, food chamber and some to control the electronic system, apart from this there are some timer switches and other types of buttons?


The working of a microwave oven is based on the basis of microwave radiation, the chamber of a microwave oven is made of aluminum which does not allow radiation to pass through?

So whenever the microwave is connected to the supply and set the timer switch, then a command is sent to the magnetron through the circuit, then that electric supply goes inside the magnetron and the magnetron produces microwaves?

Now the same microwaves fall on the food molecules kept in the chamber and the food molecules vibrate and friction occurs and heat is produced?

This process is the same as when you rub both your hands, then heat is generated, so how does a microwave oven work?

Transistor क्या है यह भी पढ़े ?

Diode क्या है यह भी पढ़ें ?

AC में Ton का क्या मतलब है यह भी पढ़ें ?

Battery में AH क्या है यह भी पढ़ें ?

Inductor क्या है यह भी पढ़ें ?

Capacitor क्या है यह भ पढ़ें ?

Fridge में litre का क्या अर्थ है यह भी पढ़ें ?

Resistor क्या है यह भी पढ़ें ?

Use of Microwave Oven | Uses of Microwave Oven |

Till now we have known what is a microwave oven and how it works but now we know what are the uses of the microwave oven?

1) Reheating: As we know that there are some issues with heating food in traditional ovens such as there is a fear of burning food, but this problem is not there in a microwave oven because food does not burn in the microwave ovens. Is it safe to the extent? And the nutrition of food is also not lost?

2) To defrost: Defrosting means ‘to melt the ice, as we sometimes freeze vegetables or meat etc., then the work of removing the ice from it is also done by microwave oven? Otherwise, If we do washing to remove the ice then too much water will be wasted?

3) For Baking: We also use a microwave oven for baking, that is, to make Bread and Cake inside the microwave?

4) For Roasting: Roasting actually means to roast something like roasted peanuts we eat or pop-corn, similarly, although there are many traditional ways to roast something by microwave oven Is it good enough to be roasted?

5) Also for Boiling and Steaming: If we boil food in a traditional way, it takes a lot of time, and there may be a loss of nutrition, whereas it takes very less time to boil food in a microwave oven. And nutrition is also present in the food?

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