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 Hello friends, you are welcome once again, friends on this website of ours, today in this blog post we will talk about what is the meaning of liter in refrigerators i.e. in the fridge, this is a very discussed topic?

 Because whenever we go to a shop to buy a fridge, the salesman definitely asks us a question that how many liters of fridge do you want, so many people often do not know the answer to this question, that’s why today we are talking about this. Will talk about what is the meaning of little in the fridge?


So friends, the liter in the fridge means “Fridge Volume” Yes? Now, what is this volume? So Volume means how much space anything occupies, that is, how much space anything occupies, it is called the Volume of that thing?


For example, suppose there is a box and that box has all the three dimensions i.e. the length of this box is also the width, and also the height, if I multiply all the dimensions of this box then the total value that will come will be called this Volume of the box?

For example, there is Cubic.ft, there is Cubic. meter, there is Cubic. What is Cm, and is it Volume?

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What does litter mean in the fridge?

Now come friends know that what is the meaning of liter in the fridge, so liter shows the volume of any fridge, the more liter of the fridge, the more stuff can come inside it?

Now, most people understand that if a fridge is 200 liters then it means that 200 liters of water can come inside that fridge but friends it does not happen, the liter of the fridge tells the volume of the empty fridge yes?

Now, friends, there is a Sticker of Power Saving Guide on all the Heavy Electronic Items and there is also a Sticker of Power Saving Guide on the top of the fridge, on which it is already written how much is the volume of the fridge i.e. how many liters of the fridge is there. Is?


So far it is fine, but what to do if this Power Saving Guide sticker is not there on a fridge? Then how to find the volume of the fridge?

So just take a Measuring Tape ( Inch Tape ) for that and measure the inner dimensions of whatever your fridge is and not the outer dimensions? In the same way, as shown in the photo below?


Now to know the volume of any fridge, it is necessary for us to have all three dimensions, that is, the length, width, and height of the fridge we are going to find out about?

Now to do this calculation, we take the dimensions of a fridge, the length of the fridge I have is 100 cm and width is 50 cm and the height is 40 cm? Now multiply these three dimensions among themselves and divide by 1000?

What is the formula to remove the liter?

Litre = Volume in Cm / 1000

So keep these values ​​here?

Litre = 100 * 50 * 40 / 1000

Liter = 200

So after calculating here came 200 liters i.e. this is the Gross Volume of this fridge?

So we can calculate like this the liter or volume of any fridge?

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