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 Hello friends, all of you are welcome once again, friends on this website of ours, in today’s blog post we are going to talk about LED?

Friends, long before today, we used to use Traditional Bulbs for lighting, which used to consume a lot of power, and after some time came CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) which used to take a little less power but today We mostly use LED bulbs for lighting during this time.

So there are small LEDs inside the LED bulb, so what are these LEDs and how do they work, today we will talk about this in this blog post, you must read it till the end?

What is LED What is LED |

The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode, it is a diode that emits light when we give electric energy to it, then it gives light energy in the output, that’s why LED is called solid-state lightning because no gaseous in it. Is there no substance?


Now, friends, we know how LED works, after that we have to understand how a Normal Diode works?

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How does a Diode work? How Diode Works |

Friends, a normal diode is made from a semiconductor, if you do not know what a semiconductor is, then we have written a post about it, you can know by reading it?

There are 2 terminals inside a diode, one anode and the other cathode, the anode terminal is made of a p-type semiconductor, and the cathode terminal is made of an n-type semiconductor? When a diode is made then these two semiconductors are sandwiched together i.e. ‘connected’ then a layer is formed between these two semiconductors which is also called the depletion layer (junction)?

Now p-type semiconductor has free holes as charge carriers and n-type semiconductor has free electrons as charge carriers? Can you see it in the photo below?


Now whenever this normal diode is connected to the supply i.e. to a battery, then connect the positive terminal of the battery to the anode of the diode and connect the negative terminal of the battery to the cathode of the diode?

Then current flow starts in this diode i.e. which are the charge carriers (free electrons and holes) they both do recombination with each other i.e. free electrons go towards holes? When these charge carriers recombine among themselves then some energy is radiated at the junction in the normal diode which radiates in the form of heat?


Now from here, the story starts, how does LED work?

How does LED work? How LED Works |

Now as we have talked about a normal diode, in its case the energy radiates at the junction in the form of heat?

But now the LED which is also a diode and is also made of semiconductor, now although it depends that it is made of a slightly different semiconductor but it also has charge carriers (free electrons and holes) inside it?


 So whenever an LED is connected to the supply, then there is current flow in the case of LED also and the charge carriers recombine among themselves. it occurs?

So this is how an LED works?

Application of LED |

That’s why LED is used in many places like:-

1) In LED Bulbs,

2) In smartphones,

3) In Powerbanks,

4) In the backlight panel crystals of LED TV?

5) In data transmission in optic fiber cable?

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