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 Hello Friends in this blog post we are discussing IC ( Integrated Circuits ) like What is IC, How IC is made, Why IC is used in Electronic circuits, Application of IC so let’s begin.

What is IC ( Integrated Circuit ) |

An IC is sometimes called Integrated Circuit.

An IC is a chip or a silicon or Semiconductor wafer which consists of millions of Electronic Components like Diodes and Transistors. IC is used today very widely you can see IC in many electronic circuits. 

Two big advantages of using IC in any electronic circuit:-

1)  Weight of the circuit is light.

2) Compact in size.

Why IC used |

 many years ago we made and constructed many types of electronic Circuits for different Applications, but at that time components we use is diodes or transistors. If we use Diode and transistor so size and weight of the circuit are more and Heavy respectively.

Therefore, we found the concept of IC. In ICs many electronic components are integrated together.

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How IC is made from Semiconductor | 

IC is nothing but only a chip in which many transistors and Diodes are integrated together. But the process of making is different from ordinary transistors. 

For making IC we take a small piece of silicon or germanium wafer in which we need to do fabrication for making many partitions.

In these partitions, we consist of many diodes and transistors.

Integrated Circuit Generations |

Since their creation, there are many generations of Integrated Circuits are increasing no. of transistors and logic gates. According to this, some types discuss below:-

  • SSI ( Small-scale integration ): 1 to 10 Transistors and 1 to 12 Logic gates consist.
  • MSI ( Medium-scale integration ): 10 to 500 Transistors and 13 to 99 Logic gates consists.
  • LSI ( Large-scale integration ) : 500  to 20,000 Transistors and 100 to 9,999 Logic gates consists.
  • VLSI ( Very-Large-scale integration ) : 20,000 to 1,000,000 Transistors and 10,000 to 99,999 Logic gates consists.
  • ULSI ( Ultra-Large-scale integration ) : Over 1,000,000 Transistors and 100,000 Logic gates consists.

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Uses of IC ( Integrated Circuits) |

In today’s modern Technology World IC uses about Everywhere like:

  • Headphones, Speakers, and Microphones.
  • Smartphones, Laptops, and computers.
  • Smartwatches and Tablets.
  • Smarts devices like Amazon Alexa.
  • Digital photo and video cameras.
  • Smart Home Management like LED lights, etc.

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