What is Diode | What is Diode in hindi | What is Diode? How does a diode work?

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What is Diode |

A diode is a semiconductor component whose job is to make current flow in one direction, diode does not allow current to flow in another direction?

If we talk about the uses of Diode, then it is used in rectifiers, clamping circuits, clipping circuits, and in many other places?

There are 2 electrodes inside the diode, the first Anode, and the second Cathode?

How is a Diode made |

A diode is made of a special semiconductor, this special semiconductor is called a doped semiconductor, this doped semiconductor is made by an artificial process which is called doping?

 In this, a semiconductor has 2 categories, first p-type and second n-type semiconductor, p-type semiconductor on anode pin, and n-type semiconductor on cathode pin?



How does a Diode work |

When the Anode of the diode is connected with the positive terminal of the battery and the cathode with the negative terminal, then the current starts flowing in the diode, and current starts flowing in the whole circuit which we call Forward Bias?


We can understand this with an example that there is an LED and there is a diode and there is a battery, now this LED is connected to the diode and the negative of the LED is connected to the negative terminal of the battery.

 Now in this condition the LED will start glowing, if we reverse this connection then the LED will not glow, then the diode’s job is to make the current flow in one direction?

Types of Diode | Types of Diodes |

Although there are many types of diodes, here we will discuss some main types?

1) PN Junction Diode: It is called a normal PN junction diode, its job is to make the current flow in one direction?


2) Zener Diode: This Diode is used as Voltage Regulator, this Diode works in Reverse Bias?


3) LED (Light Emitting Diode): This is such a diode that when supply is given inside it, the holes and free electrons inside it recombine with each other and radiate every recombination energy in the form of light?


4) Tunnel Diode: Tunnel diode has less doped depletion layer between PN junction due to which switching is done well, this diode is used for high-speed switching, they do switching in few nanosecond?


5) Photo Diode: Photodiode as the name suggests that it allows current to flow when there is some light falling on it, this diode works in Reverse Bias?



6) Varactor Diode: There is 3 layer inside the Varactor Diode, first PN and also there is an n-layer which is highly doped, with the help of this we can send voltage change in the circuit?


It is mostly used inside satellites and cell phones?

Uses of Diode | Uses of Diode |

1) Diode is used in rectifiers to convert AC to DC?

2) Diode is used in the Clipping circuit?

3) Diode is used as a voltage regulator?

4) Diode is used in Signal limiters?

5) Diode is also sometimes used as a switch?

6) Diode is also used in oscillators?

7) Diode is also used in signal modulators?

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