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 Hello friends, all of you are welcome once again in this blog post on our website today, we are going to talk about what is ‘Black Box’?

Well, friends, Air Travel is the Fastest and Safest Travel in the world, if we talk about other methods of Accident, etc., but friends, the matter does not end here?

 Because the Airplane or Helicopter is not a small thing, because of how many components are working together inside it, that is why the chances of an Airplane or Helicopter being crashed are also increased here.

So friends, is there such a thing or device that can tell what actually happened at the time of the crash in the plane, yes? That device is called the ‘Black box’.


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What is Black Box? What is Black Box |

So, friends, any airplane or helicopter is not a small thing, if we talk technically how many components are there in an airplane, and how much engineering are we using together?

So here there are a lot more chances of an airplane crash?

So Black Box is such a device inside the airplane which tells what happened with the airplane at the time of the crash or what conversation did the pilots record all these data among themselves Black Box?

A black box is made from such material which will neither break nor get damaged quickly, we will discuss it further?

And the color of Black Box is not black, its color is orange, we will discuss it further?

How is a black box made of color? Why Black Box made from orange color |

The color of the black box is not black, its color is orange because if there is ever an airplane crash by the way, then it becomes easier to find an orange-colored thing instead of in any debris, that is why its color is kept orange so that it is more difficult to find it. no problem?


Black Box parts | Parts of Black Box |

Now there are 2 parts inside Black Box:-

1) Cockpit Voice recorder

2) Flight Data Recorder


1) Cockpit Voice recorder: The cockpit is the area inside the airplane where the pilots sit, so what did the pilots talk to each other at the time of the crash or what was happening between the pilots or Air Traffic Control (ATC). Black box’s cockpit voice recorder records all this data?

2) Flight data recorder: The flight data recorder records what height the airplane is flying at, or what degree is its angle, how much fuel is inside it, what is the temperature of the fuel, what is the fuel pressure, the temperature of the cabin How much is it, and the signals of nearby sensors, does the black box’s flight data recorder record all this data?

What material is the Black Box made of? Which Material is used for Making Black Box Body |

Now see if there is an airplane crash, we have to save the Black Box safely, only then we will be able to extract the information, that’s why we have to make the body of the Black Box with such a material that it should be very hard and fireproof too. ?

That’s why we use Titanium or solid steel here?


Now the chips that are there to record the data inside the black box are also solid-state drives in today’s time, in earlier times we used to use hard drives as well, but now there is an issue with hard drives too. Suppose that ever the airplane crashed or fell on the ground, then the vibration of the fall can also cause the hard drives to break or crack, that’s why it is made of solid-state drives?

If the airplane fell underwater. If Airplane is fall on the water |

Now, friends, a question is coming to your mind is the airplane crashed on the ground or on a mountain or on any building, then we can find out how the airplane crashed after finding its black box. ?

But what will we do if the airplane crashes underwater, then how will we find out its Black Box?

So friends, the body of the black box is designed in such a way that whenever the body of the black box comes in contact with any liquid or any fluid, then the black box releases an ultrasonic wave so that it can be detected that the black box is black. Where is the box located underwater?

Conclusion |

So, friends, the main reason for putting a black box in an airplane or any helicopter is that after all what happened inside the airplane at the time of the crash, what was the actual conversation between the pilots or any other data signals are available through it?

Because whenever there is an airplane crash, then the chances of survival of humans inside it are almost negligible, that is why we needed some or the other device that could roughly tell what happened at the time of the crash. In the airplane?

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