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 Hello friends, in today’s blog post we will talk about what is LED bulb, how does LED bulb works? Electronic Components


What is LED Bulb?

Today, the trend of an LED bulb is very high, nowadays the use of Fluorescent Tube is very less, most of the use is of LED bulb or Electronic Tube.

The LED bulb is such a bulb that gives a good glow by consuming less power as compared to Flurocsent Tube?

LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are used inside the LED bulb, that is why it is called Solid State Lightning because it does not use any kind of gas?

By the way, there are 2 types of LED bulbs:-

1) Driver LED bulb: A separate Driver Circuit is used for the power supply inside these LED bulbs and there is a separate Chipset of LEDs which is called MCPCB?


2) DOB (Direct On Board): This type of LED bulb does not have a driver circuit, the chipset in it, or the ICs of the power supply are installed inside it?


But in this post, we will discuss empty Driver LED Bulb?

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Fridge में litre का क्या अर्थ है ये भी पढ़े ?

Battery में Ah का क्या मतलब है यह भी पढ़े ?

Motors में carbon के ही Brushes को क्यों use करते हैं यह भी पढ़े ?

Inductor क्या है, Electronic Choke क्या है यह भी पढ़े ?

Driver LED Bulb?

Although most of the driver led bulb is used, there are mainly 4 to 5 parts of the driver led bulb:-

1) Diffuser

2) Circuit Driver

3) LED Chipset ( MCPCB )

4 ) Housing ( Body )

1) Diffuser: The upper cap inside the LED bulb is called a diffuser, it is used to soften the light because the light of the LEDs is not direct, that is why it is softened?


2) Circuit Driver: The circuit Driver is very important, it works to provide the driver power supply in an LED bulbs, although the LEDs are there, they work on DC, so it is obvious that the driver’s job is to reduce the high voltage AC current to low. What is the voltage to convert into DC current?


Different types of led bulbs have different types of DC voltage output, is there 60 volts in any bulb or 100 volts depending on the MPPCB of the led bulb?

Components of LED Bulb Driver :

a) Fuse Resistance: Fuse Resistance is installed in the driver of the LED bulb at the very beginning, it has 2 functions, first to limit the voltage or current, and secondly to provide protection?


b) MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor): MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) is also called Voltage Dependent Resistor because it is a resistor whose resistance is more or less by applying voltage applied over it?


This is also an essential component of the LED driver circuit. Its use is to protect the LED bulb from high voltage or high surges. MOV is fitted with a fuse resistance in the circuit whenever there is high voltage or surges in the circuit, then MOV short. and the fuse attached to it gets blown and the entire circuit gets protected?

c) Bridge Rectifier IC: The work of Bridge Rectifier IC is to convert AC current into DC current?


d) Capacitors: Different types of capacitors are used in the LED Bulb Driver Circuit, is it used for power factor correction or capacitor filtration?


e) Resistors: Many resistors are used in the LED bulb driver circuit, however, if we talk about the function of the resistor, then its job is to limit the current and divide the voltage, which should be done while making the LED bulb.


f) Switching IC: Switching IC is used to provide constant current in LED bulb driver circuit because the LEDs in MCPCB of LED bulb require constant current, Switching IC has internal MOSFET Switching IC is 8 pin IC Is?


g) Inductor Coil: The use of the Inductor Coil is to remove ripples from the current in the LED bulb driver circuit because DC current also has many types of ripples?


3) LED Chipset (MCPCB): The Chipset which is installed above the Heat Sink in the LED Bulb is called MCPCB, inside this MCPCB all the SMD LEDs are installed in the series, only then must have seen that whenever one of them led gets damaged. If so, the whole bulb turns off because all the LEDs are connected in series.


4) Heat Sink: A heat Sink is very important in LED Bulb because SMD LEDs produce a lot of heat, that’s why a heat sink is used to reduce this heat. Heat Sink is made of metal, mostly aluminum Did?


5) Housing (Body): Housing (Body) is used to hold all these accessories?


Working of LED Bulb ? How does an LED bulb work?

When an AC supply of 220 volts is given in the bulb, then the AC current reaches the MOV through the fuse and the voltage decreases through the resistor and capacitor and reaches the Rectifier and the Rectifier converts this AC current into DC?

 Now this DC current is not completely smooth DC, capacitor, and inductor are used to filter it, then this current goes to the switching IC and a constant current output comes out.

 And after leaving the current IC, it goes to a large electrolytic capacitor and a resistor is also installed in parallel to this capacitor, constant DC current is found on this capacitor, which is done inside the LEDs?

Driver’s voltage varies for different wattage bulbs. Most bulbs have a voltage range of 50 volts to 120 volts.

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