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Marilyn Shepherd KS2 Science is Easy: Practice Papers Download [PDF]

KS2 Science is Easy: Practice Papers
Title : KS2 Science is Easy: Practice Papers
Author : Marilyn Shepherd
Publisher : How2Become
Category : Children & Teens
Release : August 31, 2016
File type : PDF, ePub, eBook
File : KS2 Science is Easy: Practice Papers-Marilyn Shepherd.pdf
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Key Stage 2: Science is Easy - Practice Papers Full Sets 1 & 2 is the ULTIMATE new resource on the market to ensure your child gets the best preparation for their SATs. The Science National Sampling Tests are taken in the summer term in Year 6. They are taken in your child's school and marked by examiners - not by teachers. This unique practice papers book contains 2 x Paper b: Biology - 22 marks, 2 x Paper c: Chemistry - 22 marks, 2 x Paper p: Physics - 22 marks - 6 realistic mock exams in total! Also included is the detailed marking scheme to how your child will be assessed and how you can track their progress with ease. These papers have been designed with the NEW SATs curriculum in mind and have been designed to help your child achieve 100%. These practice papers also come with: Guidance for parents; Instructions on how to work through the papers; Marking scheme to mark yourself against; Two sets of practice papers, each complete with papers 1, 2 and 3; Revised and updated for the new National Curriculum; Achieve 100%

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KS2 Science is Easy: Practice Papers

KS2 Science is Easy: Practice Papers

Marilyn Shepherd

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